Innovation and Technology

Mining is a high tech industry.

Mining is a high tech industry.

  • BC mining companies are leading the way the utilization of high tech and clean technology to ensure waste less and conserve more.

Innovative suppliers are employing new technologies and tactics everyday to help make our sites global leaders in environmental stewardship.

  • Mine sites are actively engaged in water management innovation including diversion, containment, conservation, and zero discharge to ensure minimization of water-quality impacts and usage.
  • Industrial grade solar solutions are being used for street, parking lot and pathway lighting, hazard marking, safety signals, and navigation aids. 

Technology continue to play a vital role in how we communicate and engage with First Nations and our community partners.

  • Drones can be used at mines sites to conduct inspections of powerlines and infrastructure, as well as, collect data from inaccessible areas, and produce digital terrain models that give operators and communities a better perspective of the sites and surrounding areas.