Mining Builds Communities

All communities are mining communities.

BC’s mining industry is foundational to the province and will continue to play a critical role in the growth of our province.

  • In 2017, the BC mining operations directly employed XXXX individuals
  • For every direct job in the BC mining industry, there are at least two jobs in mining supply and services.
  • From it to port, BC mining companies support jobs in every region of the province.

A single mining operation in BC, can support jobs all across the province.   For example, a mine in south central BC:

  • had a feasibility study prepared by an engineering firm in Vancouver;
  •  conveyor systems supplied by a company in Surrey;
  • belting from a firm in Burnaby;
  • explosives from a company in Williams Lake;
  • fuel and steel balls from companies in Kamloops, and;
  • truck tires from a company with a head office in Vernon.

BC mining companies are investing in the future of British Columbia.

  • In 2017, mining operations spent more than $1.37 billion on capital expenditure at their mine sites, supporting jobs and economic development across the province.
  • More than $102 million was spent in 2017 on exploration and development.
  • BC mining companies generated more than $650 million in government revenue for programs such as childcare, health care and infrastructure development.