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Carbon Tax Advocacy

BC needs a carbon tax that protects both the environment and jobs

BC’s mining sector has among the lowest GHG emissions profile in the world. Yet, we are the only jurisdiction in the world with a carbon price that does not provide meaningful support for its mining industry and workers.

Fiscal and policy changes are needed to strengthen BC’s mining sector to allow it to compete and succeed in global markets.  As the voice for the mining industry in BC, MABC is calling for:

  1. A change to the carbon tax to level the playing field for BC mining so it protects both the environment and jobs
  2. Action to improve the clarity, predictability and timeliness of BC’s regulatory framework for BC mining

MABC has published a policy paper to support the association’s call for action.

As part of our carbon tax advocacy efforts, MABC engaged Dr. Mansfield, of Mansfield Consulting Inc., to analyze carbon taxation on mining in British Columbia and competing jurisdictions. Mansfield found that BC mining is at a significant competitive disadvantage, relative to all our competitors because they either do not price carbon, or they protect their mining industries and workers from increased costs due to carbon pricing and policies.