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Advocating for

the Future of BC

The Opportunity Is Right Under Our Feet

Critical minerals are essential building blocks for clean technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, and electric vehicles. Without them we can’t reach our climate goals. With an abundance of critical minerals and metals, British Columbia has an outsize opportunity to make a significant contribution to climate action.

We’re not the only jurisdiction with critical minerals, but we are a preferred supplier. We mine and refine metals responsibly and safely, and our operations have among the lowest carbon emissions in the world. We also meet some of the toughest laws and regulations for environmental protection and worker safety.

Permitting and Authorizations

Permitting and authorizations are the most significant challenge for advanced development projects, operating mines and smelters.

Governments must ensure that its permitting and authorization processes are timely, predictable and consistent so that mines and smelter operations and new projects are not unnecessarily delayed – putting BC jobs, revenue to pay for public services and investment at risk.

Supporting Indigenous Reconciliation

MABC fully supports provincial government efforts through the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (Declaration Act) and other work to encourage economic reconciliation with Indigenous groups in British Columbia.

Carbon Pricing

MABC’s regularly encourages governments to make decisions related to mining that support achieving the goals and targets of the Paris Agreement. This includes recognizing the importance of a price on carbon as an incentive to encourage businesses and individuals to implement low-carbon technologies and reduce their emissions.