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For Immediate Release

February 18, 2020

Mining Association of BC Disappointed Budget 2020 Provides No Solution to Industry’s Key Competitiveness Challenge

VICTORIA, BC – The Mining Association of BC is deeply disappointed that Budget 2020 does not address the impact of BC’s carbon tax on the mining industry’s lagging competitiveness or create an environment for future growth and job creation.

“BC’s mining industry is at a crossroads. We need a level playing field with other Canadian mines and our global competitors. Without this, our mines and the jobs and wealth they create in communities across BC are at risk,” said Michael Goehring, President and CEO of the Mining Association of BC.

MABC has consistently advocated for a price on carbon that facilitates the greatest amount of real global reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the lowest cost, without negatively impacting the competitiveness of trade exposed industries, such as mining.  Without protection for trade exposed industries, such as that offered by the federal government’s output-based pricing system, BC’s Carbon Tax will continue to affect the competitiveness of our existing operations and the investment climate for new mines and mine expansions.

“BC’s mines have a lower GHG intensity than most of our Canadian and global competitors.  Without action for trade exposed industries, there will be a gradual shift in production to other lower-cost jurisdictions that will lead to more global GHG emissions overall,” continued Goehring.

“Carbon leakage is bad for our planet, bad for British Columbia, and is inconsistent with British Columbians’ expectations of global climate leadership. The world needs more of BC’s clean metals and minerals,” concluded Goehring.

Budget 2020 did include an extension of the New Mine Allowance for five years to the end of 2025, and the introduction of a PST exemption on the purchase of pollution control and waste management machinery and equipment for natural resource industries. MABC welcomes these tax changes.


About the Mining Association of British Columbia

MABC is the voice of mining in British Columbia, representing operating steelmaking coal, metal and industrial mineral producers, as well as smelting operations and advanced development companies in the province. Our mandate is to encourage the safe, responsible development and operation of mining and related facilities across British Columbia. In 2018, the mining industry generated $12.3 billion in economic activity and supported over 33,000 direct and indirect jobs in BC. The sector contributed nearly $1 billion in direct payments to the provincial government in 2018.


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Cailey Murphy, Senior Strategic Advisor

Mining Association of BC