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July 14, 2022

Media Statement on the BC Mining Law Reform’s Report on TSFs in BC

Vancouver, BC – Michael Goehring, President and CEO of the Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) made the following statement on a report released by BC Mining Law Reform regarding tailings storage facilities in BC.

“Protecting the health and safety of workers, local and Indigenous communities, and the environment through responsible mining and tailings management is our industry’s highest priority. Unfortunately, this report appears to either ignore the facts or mislead British Columbians about key aspects of our province’s mining laws and regulations. The report fails to consider how BC tailings facilities use design and engineering requirements and best available technology to mitigate risk. Many of the recommendations are existing requirements of BC’s mining laws or are in development. Importantly, tailings storage facilities are already designed to withstand extreme weather and seismic events, and any suggestion otherwise is wrong or deliberate fear-mongering.

“BC’s mining laws are regularly reviewed by government, regulators and a Health, Safety and Reclamation Code Review Committee comprised of representatives from labour, Indigenous Nations and industry. This ongoing review process ensures BC’s mining laws are consistent with world leading standards for environmental protection, health and safety, and post-closure reclamation.

“In recent years, BC’s mining laws have undergone significant changes, including a new Mines Act, a revised Health, Safety and Reclamation Code, new water quality guidelines and ongoing monitoring. A new interim reclamation security bonding policy was also announced earlier this year.

“In 2021, the independent BC Chief Auditor of Mines released an audit that determined BC’s regulations for mine tailings are among the best in the world. The Chief Auditor’s TSF audit included seven recommendations, which the government accepted and is implementing. Mines with TSFs are required by law to implement new design and operational criteria using best available technology, Engineers of Record, and Independent Tailings Review Boards.”


About the Mining Association of British Columbia:

MABC is the voice of the British Columbia’s steelmaking coal, metal and mineral producers, smelters, and advanced development companies. Our industry benefits all British Columbians and supports more than 35,000 jobs and over 3,700 small, medium, and indigenous affiliated businesses in every corner of the province through an annual spend of nearly $3 billion on goods and services. Our members’ products have among the lowest carbon footprints globally and are helping the world transition to a cleaner, low-carbon future; safely, responsibly, and sustainably.

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